The Contract Companies

The Contract Companies

The Contract Companies was established back in 1983 as a national outbound business-to-business call center which provides a marketing campaign/service to physicians and business owners across the United States.

We currently employee close to 100 sales executives who have the capacity to reach out and communicate to 400 plus clients and potential advertisers per representative per day. We have the ability to cover an enormous amount of area every single week. Our success over the years can be attributed to our sales staff which directly communicates a brief, but extremely effective presentation with the specific physician and/or decision-maker in a 6- to 7-minute time frame.

Over the years, we have spent close to 5 million dollars acquiring and maintaining our existing database of 12 million plus potential customers. It contains every physician by specialty, and every business owner in the country. We currently receive quarterly updates to ensure the accuracy of our client list. With our proprietary software, we have the capacity to be as broad or as specific as necessary. We have two state-of-the-art facilities with built-in redundancy into our hardware and VOIP phone system to ensure zero downtime is ever experienced.

The Community Focus Online division of The Contract Companies evolved as a spinoff of the Business Review division. After 24 years of working with more than 1,500 newspapers across the country, we have transitioned to the Internet by partnering with major chambers of commerce as well as prominent local Web sites nationally to bring an incessant marketing campaign for our doctors and business owners.

Contract Medical, our fourth division, was created to assist doctors in saving money on various items purchased for their individual practice as well as help create and implement additional revenue opportunities.

We are a very experienced marketing company equipped with a professional sales team capable of handling any and all direct sales campaigns.

Our Publisher Relations department is available to business owners and marketing teams to discuss the benefits of the Community Focus Online to market your goods and services.

The Fundraising division of The Contract Companies is a direct sales operation that presently carries ongoing campaigns to raise funds for five different Charities and Non-Profit Organizations. This is accomplished via direct donation campaigns and advertising sales.

In order to operate more efficiently and stay competitive, our state-of-the-art in-house graphic arts department provides high-quality designs and camera-ready art for all of our ongoing projects.