The Contract Companies

Fundraising Opportunities

The Contract Companies have the qualified professionals and financial stability necessary to perform a successful fundraising drive for charities and non-profit organizations. We develop the entire program at no cost to the organization, and mail you a weekly royalty check. We are considered to be, without question, the best-qualified company in the industry to handle year round business-to-business fundraising campaigns with absolute professionalism and outstanding results.

The Contract Companies has developed many successful business-to-business programs for charities such as Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation, Operation Lookout and Wishing Well Foundation.

In addition, our in-house production facility produces a quarterly magazine for the Virginia Sheriffs' Association.

Please call the Fundraising division at 1-800-669-6801 to discuss a fundraising campaign for your organization.


Corporate Information

Contract Communications, Inc., a division of The Contract Companies, was established in 1988. In the beginning, the Virginia Sheriffs came to us and requested our assistance in producing their quarterly magazine and fundraising campaign. After long consideration to venture into new areas of business, our founder, Frank Livelli, agreed to take on the project. Since then, we have become a strong corporation with multi-million dollar annual sales.

We presently work with 4 organizations across the United States and conduct state, regional and national business-to-business fundraising campaigns.

In 2001, we produced over $1.4 million in sales on behalf of Cancer Recovery Foundation, Childrens Project, and $2.5 million in 2006.

We are presently registered in more than 30 states as professional fundraisers, and have excellent communication with the Attorney General's offices and Consumer Affairs in each state.

We provide our employees with a state-of-the-art office and an outstanding benefits package including affordable health care, childcare, 401(k) plan, paid vacations and holidays and good wages to assure the highest quality staff in the industry.

We have room to grow, but we are very selective in the charities that we choose to work for.


Benefits To The Charity
  • Increased revenue.
    Once we begin calling and collecting revenues, your organization will receive a weekly royalty check.
  • No cost to the organization.
    We are a full-service sales and marketing company with in-house production facilities. We take total responsibility for the production of the program and all sales and collections.
  • New life-long sponsors.
    Our list of proven corporate sponsors includes over 6 million active contributors in addition to over 13 million active business clients in other parts of the companies. This makes a lucrative base from which we begin to build a program and acquire hundreds of new supporters for your organization.
  • Public outreach and educational campaign.
    The business-to-business telemarketing campaigns that we perform year-round send thousands of calls daily out to the business community and informs them of the good work of your organization. Our calls can help you find volunteers, in kind gifts, and locate recipients of your services.
  • Clear identification.
    Our sales representatives use a carefully scripted presentation identifying them as employees of Contract Communications, the fundraisers paid to call on behalf of, or to work on, the drive.
  • Full responsibility.
    We take full responsibility for filing financial statements with Consumer Affairs in each state according to their individual requirements. These financial statements are made public record and signed by the executive director of the organization each and every year.
  • Complete professionalism.
    Our policy of complete professionalism assures you that contacts in the business community will be positive and forthright; we never call on residences or engage in consumer marketing. Our employees are full-time, career-minded individuals who are continually trained, supervised and monitored to maintain the highest degree of integrity in representing your organization.
  • Responsible management.
    Our management team supervises and monitors the sales people continuously, and stays on top of any no-call requests from the contributors. Any and all complaints are directed to them and promptly handled with professionalism and courtesy.
  • Dedication to your organization.
    We don't just call people and ask for money, we inform people of the good work of your organization and sincerely ask for their help. We are dedicated to helping charities grow and become more successful in their endeavors, and we maintain close contact with the directors.
Why Choose The Contract Companies?
  • Our multi-million dollar annual sales give us a tap source that is second to none and not available to anyone else in the industry in order to find you immediate pre-qualified donors.
  • With our employees making over 20 million calls per year, our company maintains an outstanding relationship with the Attorney General in each of the states we call in.
  • We maintain aggressive monitoring and management of our salespeople.
  • We have "0" tolerance of misrepresentation, which ensures professionalism in salespeople representing your organization with integrity at all times.
  • We invest significantly each year to update our database and bring in new leads.
  • We retain the service of Copilevitz and Canter, LLC, one of the nation's largest and most professional charitable and fundraising law firms. They keep us abreast of new laws and changes in each state regarding fundraising and telemarketing and review our scripts and written materials when necessary to assure that we are in compliance with each state's regulations.
  • We provide year-round revenues that are paid weekly to your organization, and we provide a caging company to oversee the funds.
  • We provide strong public relations and community awareness for your charity. By close contact with the directors and staff, we can quickly introduce new programs and statistics or make the public more aware of specific purposes.
  • We have a proven track record of increased revenue for national charities each and every year.

For complete details on how we can help you raise more money for your charity or non-profit organization, contact the Fundraising division at 1-800-669-6801.

We look forward to helping you grow!